It’s been said, “Far too many people know the “price of everything” … and the “value of nothing!”

My approach to pricing is simple – You must have “skin in the game” I must deliver more value than you invest in the price. My Leadership Development Program”   is $675.00

What you receive:

  • ADVanced Insights Assessment (Will require you 25 -30 minutes to complete) “De-brief” of results will require you and I to spend an hour to cover the 70+ page written personalized report that’s generated
  • Materials – Leadership Development Manual (14 chapters);  Leadership Action Plan (16 chapters) (pdf’s and audio’s included)
  • 12 one-on-one weekly coaching sessions (60 min – 90 min) Delivery via phone or Skype
  • 12 weekly Assignments from the Manual and Action Plan that will require ~ 1 hour per week to complete
  • Unlimited “laser” text messages and emails to get clarification of questions generated within the weekly assignments, etc


You can do the math and if you do you’ll find the coaching works out to $56.25 per hour.  However, when you factor in the ADVanced Insights Assessment (a $325 dollar value) and the hour it takes to de-brief the report you can adjust the price to $51.92 per hour


This pricing is well below my competitors and in fact is well below what I charged when I was working full time with corporate clients in the 2001-2010 time frames ~ I charged $1750 per person in groups of (5) or more and $4950 for individual coaching.



I explain it this way – using a popular sports metaphor … “I’m not trying to stretch singles into doubles, I’m sliding into home base.”


My career has been very rewarding to me and my family; the USMC taught me and provided countless hours of “on the job training” in Leadership;  H. Ross Perot spent 6 months providing me full time training in becoming a “financial advisor” qualifying me to sell Stocks and Bonds, Commodities, Insurance and Estate Planning – most of the foundation in this arena is founded in and around Leadership. I’ve invested $1000’s of dollars in personal development and my 40+ years of experience in the securities industry plus my 15+ years in the Military- together they’ve invested Millions in me and it’s time for me to return the favor … I’m providing the Leadership Development Program + Coaching package to you at a substantial discount … it’s my way to “pay it back” or if you like the popular cliché “Pay it forward.”


I maintain a finite number of clients I work with each day and this way I can maintain my life style and be able to provide you with my full attention.

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