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Together we make a "difference"

3 African Pearls of Wisdom:

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  This is an African proverb that Michael Chertok quoted on his first day on the job in his new role as DDD’s Vice President of Global Impact.

Often credited to Nelson Mandela … “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond imagination. It is our light more than our darkness which scares us. We ask ourselves – who are we to be brilliant, beautiful, talented, and fabulous. But honestly, who are you to not be so?

You are a child of God; small games do not work in this world. For those around us to feel peace, it is not example to make ourselves small. We were born to express the glory of god that lives in us. It is not in some of us; it is in all of us. While we allow our light to shine, we unconsciously give permission for others to do the same. When we liberate ourselves from our own fears, simply our presence may liberate others,” this quote is from – Marianne Williamson in Return to Love: Reflections on a Course in Mira.

My wife, who recently returned from Ethiopia as an OR nurse with Operation Smile on her 24th Humanitarian mission shared this last “pearl” with me.  When greeting another in Ethiopia and extending a “hand of fellowship,” if the recipient instead bends their hand at the wrist [bending it down to avoid clasping yours] do not be offended … instead grasp their wrist and shake it.  They have done so out of kindness for you – they have had their hands working recently in the soil and wish to protect yours from its effect.

My heart strings are “tugged” by these (3) pearls.  As our World seems fragmented, hurried and more complex … it’s refreshing to reflect upon the Wisdom, kindness and love others share with us so freely and generously.

Yesterday, I shared these thoughts with a group young people who were being inducted into the Salt Lake Rotoract Club [sponsored by the Sugar House Rotary Club and the Salt Lake City Rotary Club]  25 of our communities finest and brightest 18-30 year olds – who are college students, young professionals, house wives, etc.

These 25 all share one common trait … service!  They are willing to give of their time and serve others less fortunate than themselves.  The Clubs primary focus is helping Salt Lake City’s ever growing refugee community.  They read to the youth of these new members of our society, they work in the field shoulder to shoulder to prepare a garden to grow crops for them, they donate thousands of hours helping others.

In numbers these (25) are statistically invisible … however, what they truly represent is 100% of our future!

I’m fortunate to be associated with them as an advisor; I’m blessed to be part of the “future” they are creating … I invite each of you to consider how you can be “part of the solution” that these young leaders are so eager to produce.

One of my mentors loved to say, “If it is to be … it is up to me,” and so it is.  May you find these “pearls of wisdom,” useful in your coming week.

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