“I DARE YOU!” … ( 9 Reasons to look inside )

Is this going to be your "sunrise" or "sunset"?

2011 is 85 days from now.  I’ve got (9) questions for you to ponder?

1.       What will it cost you to live in 2011?

2.       What will you learn that will improve your 2011?

3.       What will your health look like in 2011?

4.       What will you give to others that will be of benefit to them in 2011?

5.       What will you improve about yourself in 2011?

6.       What would have wished you had done if you die in 2011?

7.       What would you be doing if you weren’t doing what you are?

8.       What are you willing to give to have what you want in 2011?

9.       What will be your biggest obstacle to achieving all the above in 2011?

You might want to spend some time on the following iterations of “9” –

9 –      Steps to Success

9 –      Minutes to live

9 –      Corners to Life

9 –      Layers of Love

9 –      Visions of Me

9 –      Doors to Happiness

9 –      Days of Labor

9 –      Tough Thoughts

9 –      Reasons to look forward to 2011

Finally, 9 thoughts I’d like to share with you …

1.       To be passionate [What compels you to be in business?

2.       Have a WILL not a WISH … to be successful

3.       Crazy tenacity … focus on the right things

4.       Learn to seek out and take good advice

5.       Physical & Spiritual health and stamina [make appointments with yourself]

6.       Success & Happiness [NOT defined by $] Continuous Joy from service to               others … making a difference in others lives

7.       Put your ego in check

8.       Look at your business as an outsider and be honest with yourself

9.       Aim for success NOT perfection

2011 is coming … only you will determine how it unfolds!

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About Willard Kille
My greatest talent is for understanding people and appreciating their needs, fears and desires. I actively seek out others, am quick to establish rapport, good at building interaction and enhancing communication between others. I like to help others in my unique way and believe when I give to others I am benefited. I am driven to achieve balance and harmony in a unique way, preferring to do things that bring beauty and balance into my life.

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