Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur …

An entrepreneur is an individual who has a dream, a vision, a purpose, and is committed to make it happen!

"Is it time to sing YOUR song?"

It all starts with a dream and an intense desire to build something of value. Many people dream about inventing something, seeing the world change based on their efforts, or building a successful business around their craft, talent, or expertise. These dreams are vital to the strength and success of the United States. Over 90% of businesses in the United States are defined as small businesses and employ less than 99 people. Many of these small businesses started with a tiny seed planted by an emerging entrepreneur. Have you dreamt about what your gift to the world is? What inspires you the most? What are you naturally (skills, abilities, and gifts) good at? Could your dream become a viable business? What action have you taken?

In addition to the dream, an entrepreneur needs to have a clear and concise vision of what the business will look like. What service or product will it provide and to what customer base? Equally as important as identifying the product or service is identifying the measurable value the product or service will bring to the customers served. Knowing that Rezults Group strives to “be a World Class Leader in the learning and development field, helping organizations develop a competitive edge, improving the quality of lives and creating a better today and tomorrow” keeps our company focused on success and growth for the right reasons.

A successful entrepreneur must also have a purpose. Being in business for the sake of being in business, for the sake of making money, or for the sake of “getting out of Corporate America” is not enough. Purpose fuels the drive necessary to make success happen and to make it meaningful. What are you passionate about? What do you strongly believe in? Are your passions and beliefs being met in your current role, and are you truly satisfied? Be honest with yourself! Now is the time to really identify your purpose and assess whether or not you are settling or thriving. As British author, Rose Tremain said, “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” We only get one shot to fulfill our dreams, vision, and purpose. What is currently standing in the way of you having your own successful business? Given your talents, passions, gifts and values how could you become a viable resource and contribute to others?

80% of people who say they want to be in their own business are daydreaming. Only 20% actually take action and do what is necessary to make it happen. Your level of success is entirely your choice. As Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, says “It is every individual’s choice. You can choose to live at a level of survival, a level of success, or a level of significance.” Will your significance be achieved by serving others through your own business? Are you one of the 20% who will actually take action and accomplish success through entrepreneurship?

We’ve worked with many individuals over the years developing their “entrepreneurial skills.” We have a proven course complete with an “Action Plan” that guides people towards the success they seek. We have assessments that point out specific attributes needed to enhance your development along the path … we’d love to discuss the process with you – give us a call, or send us a message at info@rezultsgroup.com and enjoy a complimentary review of where you are and where you want be and how we might be an answer to you along the way!

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