“Got Happiness”

“Got Happiness” … spend a few minutes if you’d like more Seems to be in short supply today … but I believe too many are seduced by the quest for a “quick” helping of the sensations we call happiness instead of a daily diet of Joy. Tony Robbins, a fellow Coach posted an article titled [Read More…]

It’s NOT Common Core that’s the Problem

I surely can’t speak for the professional educators, or the Governments Dept of Education, or the Governor’s who have enacted “Common Core” … I am fortunate enough to have grown up on a tomato farm in southern New Jersey in the 50’s and 60’s. My teachers (most of them) taught my father in the same [Read More…]

HOPE is a four letter word!

Have you ever found yourself working with a prospect for any extended period of time?  All of your interactions have been positive; they appear to like you and by all indications are interested in your ideas. They request a proposal (RFP) and you spend hours creating one. You give them your – unique selling proposition [Read More…]

My Christmas gift to you – “say something”

CLICK HERE – Play this while you read the message, … turn up your speakers and open your heart … “Say Something … I’m giving up on you”  a powerful song  by ~ A Great Big World and sung with Christina Aguilera transcends emotions (past and present) and soars into our futures.  Many of us [Read More…]

Social Networking may be KILLING YOU …

Here is some interesting insights: 1. Babies left un-touched by another human after birth will die in approximately seven months. Read “The Primacy of Human Touch” by Dr. Ben E. Benjamin This newsletter article describes how perfectly healthy babies, well fed, cared for in sterile conditions – died … read more: 2. Here is to an [Read More…]

“What will your tomorrow bring?”

Will the government default?  Will the “shut-down” continue?  Will interest rates skyrocket, stock markets crash, will the dollar sink to all time lows? What do you think??? Let’s begin with a question to answer those possibilities – What can you do about any of those?  My answer to them is, “absolutely nothing.”  Allow me to [Read More…]

Work – Life Balance

Life Coaching – integrates experience, dreaming, reality and vision to create your best self.  I find it equally effective for personal and business development. If you’re – stuck, lost, unhappy, happy, comfortable, scared or just out of therapy – “Life Coaching is for you.”  My clients tell me, “this isn’t therapy, but it is therapeutic.” [Read More…]

“Your Perfect on Purpose Day” (anxiety FREE)

Then – (Greek definition) of “Perfect” – Matt 5:48 Jesus told His hearers “Be ye perfect”. “perfect” to us today sounds like absolute perfection, but the Greek word here is “teleios”. “teleios” means “mature”, or “complete”. Now – (modern definition) of “Perfect” – pərˈfekt/ make (something) completely free from faults or defects, or as close [Read More…]

5 Vital Questions for Superior Leadership Performance

There are five vital questions that you must ask yourself regularly if you want to lead and perform at your very best: First: What am I trying to do? Define the ideal goal or outcome that you are striving for before you begin. If you are working with others, make sure that everybody is crystal [Read More…]

Are You a Focused, Fine Tuned, Motivated Leader?

The reason I ask, is that I overheard someone call the owner of a local printing company a “wandering generality.”  Wow, that just sounds awful – doesn’t it? I probed as much as I dared and discovered the employee felt the owner seemed to “chase” the idea of the day- whether it had to do [Read More…]