5 Attributes of Success

“In the throws,” of frustration, businesses and individuals find success to be a fleeting proposition. There is no question that success is a journey, but it can become a very manageable and measurable journey focused on desired outcomes and results. There is a significant difference between wishing for success and achieving success. And, that difference [Read More…]

This Is What Done Looks Like

My colleague Doug Brown of Paradigm Associates, LLC shared a wonderful story with us in his latest newsletter about a woman who runs a National IT Consulting Company and describes herself as a “serial entrepreneur” who has started six companies.  She’s been quoted and honored numerous times. When Doug asked Kim Levin to share how [Read More…]

Take a Vacation … Listen to the Real World!

Wow … what a summer!  I’ve been convinced by my local and national news broadcasters that I’ll lose my home and rental property to “foreclosure” that my ability to re-finance is non-existent because interest rates are going higher, that a barrel of Oil is going to cost $150 and my gasoline is going to cost [Read More…]

10 Secrets to Success that Works in Life or Business

Here is a list I have put together of the Ten Secrets to Success that Work in Life or Business. 1.  Be Passionate.  What compels you to be in this business?  For me it’s to “Awaken Solutions”   within myself and others;  to carry on the dream of my wife Shari who died fighting breast cancer;  [Read More…]

Deal Or No Deal – Why Even Try?

“Ships are safe in the Harbor … but they don’t build ships to stay in the Harbor!”  Life is wonderful they say, I believe we actually create the ‘life” we get!  Life is difficult they say, I believe life gives us exactly what we need. How then do we get to a DEAL or NO [Read More…]