FTC: One Out of Five Consumers Has Errors on Their Credit Report

Go to this link to watch the story on how many people have errors in their report (how many are significant errors!) and what to do to fix it!  When it comes to your Credit File YOU must be proactive to maintain it up to date and error free … the report effects many aspects [Read More…]

How to Respond to a Suspicious IRS-related Communication

Identity Thieves are busy this time of the year.  They are making the IRS work overtime.  Currently, as of September 2012, there were 650,000 unresolved cases within the IRS dealing with Identity Theft.  Here’s a link to help you if you receive suspicious IRS-related communications

Tax Related Identity Theft

As many people are filing their taxes it’s time to be on the lookout for what the Identity Thieves are doing … here’s an article that may prove useful (more)

Stickups – Down … Identity Theft – Up

Bank robberies are down significantly plummeting over that past 15 years.  What was once a “high -reward … Low -risk” crime is now just the opposite.  Banks have employed guards, sentencing is more strict and the result was as expected – less bank robbery. Criminals have “adapted” just like viruses and are now immune to [Read More…]

You are NOT safe from Identity Theft

It’s time for you to take a look at the reality of “cyber -crimes” and how it is effecting your life.  The stakes are enormous.  “We the People” trust in our government to protect us, we trust in our large institutions (banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, etc.) to do likewise.  The cyber criminals on the [Read More…]


Not to diminish the “risk” American’s face from criminals with guns, I’d like to present another “risk” American’s are facing. As Daniel Wood states the US Crime rate is at a decade’s low, the FTC just reported: For Release: 02/28/2012 FTC Releases Top Complaint Categories for 2011 Identity Theft Once Again Tops the List The [Read More…]


For a guaranteed blank stare, ask gun-control proponents how often Americans use guns to defend themselves. They can’t tell you, because they don’t ask. Suppose a guy goes to a baseball game. “Honey,” his wife asks afterward, “who won the game?” The husband says, “The Dodgers scored four runs.” What’s missing? Obviously, the wife still [Read More…]

Are Utah’s children safe from Identity Theft?

Answer is, “some are,” but most are not.  We live in a wonderful part of the World here in Salt Lake City.  Our Mountains, Canyons, National Parks and outdoor facilities are a draw for people from all over the Planet.  We are also a big draw for those who steal the innocence, good names, un-spotted [Read More…]