Which is better – “Goal Setting” or “Fear Setting” ??

NOT an easy question nor answer. WE know for instance “every stick has two ends” you cannot pick up a stick and not pick up the other end as well.  I’ve helped many find “success” in Goal Setting  using my “GPS” ~ “Goal Planning System” … SO WHY WOULD I PROVIDE YOU this information on [Read More…]

Call Reluctance – what is it?

It can only be fear of failure or fear of success? Which one is harder to live with?  It’s a lot like the definition of (1) minute … it depends on which side of the bathroom door you are on~! We can find many definitions of fear as it pertains to call reluctance (success or [Read More…]

The Myth of “Strengths & Weaknesses”

The Myth of “Strengths & Weaknesses” I can’t remember a time when my parents, coaches, teachers or significant others haven’t referred to the activities I’ve engaged in by grading them as either a strength or weakness.  From a conventional standpoint it appears this is a universal condition. Is it true?  If universal acceptance of the [Read More…]

Don’t confuse Day Planners with Goal Planners!

We all need to have a reliable system to track our appointments, activities and events.  I find it makes no discernable difference whether it is a note pad, yellow sticky notes, a full page Day Planner from any of the numerous vendors (Franklin Covey, Day Runner, etc), smart phones, MS Outlook … whatever device you [Read More…]

It’s not about where you’re from … it’s all about where you’re going.

It’s not about where you’re from … it’s all about where you’re going. Another way to think about this – it’s not about your family of origin, where you were born, to whom you were born, etc … it’s about who you walk with!  As a young boy I grew up across the river from [Read More…]

Pearls of Wisdom

3 African Pearls of Wisdom: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  This is an African proverb that Michael Chertok quoted on his first day on the job in his new role as DDD’s Vice President of Global Impact. Often credited to Nelson Mandela … “Our [Read More…]

“I DARE YOU!” … ( 9 Reasons to look inside )

2011 is 85 days from now.  I’ve got (9) questions for you to ponder? 1.       What will it cost you to live in 2011? 2.       What will you learn that will improve your 2011? 3.       What will your health look like in 2011? 4.       What will you give to others that will be of benefit [Read More…]

Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur …

An entrepreneur is an individual who has a dream, a vision, a purpose, and is committed to make it happen! It all starts with a dream and an intense desire to build something of value. Many people dream about inventing something, seeing the world change based on their efforts, or building a successful business around [Read More…]

Affirmations as a Strategy for Positive Growth

There continues to be a great deal of focus on organizational culture and environment. Whether you are focusing on that issue for the first time or whether you are looking at changing or improving an existing culture, it may be wise to remember that, like the long journey which begins with one step, an organizational [Read More…]

Why Do Anything?

Why Do Anything? If you’re interested in not being exactly where you are today a year from now, you must DO something.  First item on your DO list – Read these quotes on the importance of taking ACTION! “If you only do what you know you can do — you never do very much.” ~ [Read More…]