As a business owner, you wear many hats. One of them is VP of Sales and Marketing. This role is responsible for lead generation and turning prospects into clients. Sales are the fuel which keeps your business engine running. For this reason, sales – needs to be a non-stop endeavor. How well do you perform [Read More…]

Business Coaches hear these all too often – Why?

  The 3 Worst Excuses Business Owners Use … #1.       “I don’t have the time” #2.       “I can’t afford that” #3.       I’ll think it over, get back to me” Allow me to set the stage here, owners are busy, Coaches want to be busy; an appointment has been set by the owner because “something” isn’t [Read More…]


Reality Driven, Rezults Oriented – Development Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Adults. Organizations – top to bottom; Families – young and old; will benefit immediately from our processes.  Increase Focus through Time Management Leadership Development Sales Training Goal Achievement (All offered in small group facilitations or personally – one on one.) Mastery of our “Goal [Read More…]

How do you see yourself in 2014?

Look at this picture closely … what do you see?  Keep looking – do you see the other woman?  I’m sure you’ll find them both … just as you would if you look at yourself as closely! (Don’t we all have at least (2) sides to our nature? Goals – there’s (2) sides to them: [Read More…]

Three (3) ways to improve your businesses productivity?

Before we get to the suggestions to improve productivity, let’s make sure you’re not confusing activity with productivity.  Many individuals track their activity, and conclude that because they’ve been in meetings, written proposals, driven all over town, returned dozens of calls, set 1st time appointments, attended Chamber of Commerce events, etc, that they are and [Read More…]

Business Coaching – The Rezults Group Way

Want to develop the people in your company or organization to achieve more of their real Potential, so that you accelerate the success in your business? Let Rezults Group, Inc’s – Corporate Coaching help develop your people through our unique process Looking to develop your own full potential? More and more people are working one-on-one [Read More…]

The Man on the Top of the Mountain – did not fall there.

There are unlimited Mountains to climb in this World; the physical ones and the ones we select in our careers, education paths, financial aspirations’, health concerns, etc.  You’ve grown up hearing from parents, teachers, friends and colleagues that you should “grow up” and reach your potential.  What is your potential? How do you find out [Read More…]

What is Coaching? Is it for you?

Coaching Coaching…the dictionary defines it as “private instruction.” Yes, having a coach is much like having a private instructor, but it really is so much more…I believe coaching is also a talent and a gift. Good coaches have a knack for helping people become more of their authentic selves. They have a way of encouraging [Read More…]

Do Leaders have – Blind spots?

Blind Spots (If You Don’t Check Your Mirrors, You’re going to Crash!) For a driver, a blind spot is an area not easily seen. It may be the area the mirrors miss, either beside or behind the driver … or is simply forgotten by the driver. Accidents occur when the driver changes lanes and there [Read More…]

Is Coaching For You?

Sometimes people confuse coaches with traditional consultants. Unconsciously, people ask coaches to give advice. The role of a coach is not to provide answers or solutions. It is to help you develop the potential that lies within yourself, so that you increase your capability to overcome all obstacles and achieve all of your goals. Sometimes [Read More…]