Goals by Design

“Goals by Design” It’s been said we are a nation of “Master Goal Setters,” not a Nation of “Master Goal Achievers.” Our “Goals by Design” program will establish a process and system whereby you’ll identify what “Goals” you’ll set, in several aspects of your life, ie., Mental, Physical, Social, Financial, etc; you’ll develop habits that [Read More…]

Life by Design

“Life by Design” It’s been said, “Far too many people know the “price of everything” … and the “value of nothing!”  My approach to pricing is simple – You must have “skin in the game” I must deliver more value than you invest in the price. Your investment in our “Personal Leadership Development Program” called “Life by Design” is $850.00:  What you receive: An “online” [Read More…]

Day by Design

“Day by Design” Time Management is a challenge for us all. By completing this 5 session course you will have: Identified over 200 dreams and goals you wish to accomplish Categorized those dreams into (8) separate sections, (rank ordered top to bottom) Mapped out a “Perfect on Purpose Day” Have the tool to implement the [Read More…]

You’re “In this Game” whether you want to be or not

Dear Friends: Governments have been part of our world for over 20,000 years. There are always ‘those’ who “know better or best” (legends in their own minds) than the average person. The saying, “Power corrupts … absolute Power Absolutely Corrupts” is as real today as it was when 1st penned. Many of YOU are busy [Read More…]

Who’s afraid of the “Big Bad Wolf” ? (you better BE!)

Who’s this “Big Bad Wolf” – The United States governments “DEEP STATE” ??? We hear this term “Deep State” every day, from a variety of sources.  I began hearing about it several years ago from Bill Bonner’s Diary (you can subscribe for free and it’s a daily post) and for my money he’s got the [Read More…]

Which is better – “Goal Setting” or “Fear Setting” ??

NOT an easy question nor answer. WE know for instance “every stick has two ends” you cannot pick up a stick and not pick up the other end as well.  I’ve helped many find “success” in Goal Setting  using my “GPS” ~ “Goal Planning System” … SO WHY WOULD I PROVIDE YOU this information on [Read More…]


As a business owner, you wear many hats. One of them is VP of Sales and Marketing. This role is responsible for lead generation and turning prospects into clients. Sales are the fuel which keeps your business engine running. For this reason, sales – needs to be a non-stop endeavor. How well do you perform [Read More…]

Believe – Become

Believe   –   Become! I’ve heard many people express this sentiment, “I’ll believe that … when I see it!”  It could refer to a change in behavior in someone else, or your favorite 2-15 team winning the Play-off, etc. In my opinion they have it all wrong!  It should be, “When I believe it [Read More…]

Populism * Republicans * Democrats – who SURVIVES ?

If you only get through pg 2 of this article by the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates you’ll see a correlation between the 30’s and today … as a reminder the 30’s gave us WWII [another article – The White working class death-rate is going to be elevated for a generation – adds even more sobering realities of [Read More…]

Who’s a GREAT LEAD for Rezults Group?

Who’s a GREAT LEAD for Rezults Group? Millennials Anyone Under-employed Entrepreneurs AND FINALLY – “Small Business Owner’s”   “Today I’d like to address anyone who needs a change in his or her work. It’s about what I believe to be the main difference between those who do their work with BRILLIANCE and Ease 1  and those [Read More…]