Are you behind the financial eight ball?

“Killing Me Softly with His Song” is a song composed by Charles Fox with lyrics by Norman Gimbel. The song was written in collaboration with Lori Lieberman, who recorded the song in late 1971. It was a number-one hit in 1973 for Roberta Flack.

A year after this popular song hit the airwaves I found myself in a class with H. Ross Perot where he was teaching us how to become financially successful. There were approximately 100 of us in his training class with dupont Glore Forgan (the 2nd largest securities firm in the World, just after Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith)

Mr. Perot told us, it’s simple, “Live this year on lasts years’ salary, and invest the difference.” Sound advice from one of the world’s most successful Billionaires.

I’m certain that advice is as sound today as it was in the summer of ’74; don’t we all wish we had the discipline to do it!

I spent the next 27 years of my professional life implementing that and other “words of wisdom” learned from Mr. Perot with my clients. I worked in the financial industry as a broker, manager, and finally an owner/founder of my own Brokerage firm. Reality is that today,

American’s are as far behind the “financial success eight ball” as they have ever been. Why? They got it backwards! Only 41% of Americans spend less than they earn (and even of those 41% few “invest” or “save” the difference year to year into their retirement accounts)

Against all odds, those who we all look to as “financially successful” follow Perot’s advice; another common practice of these successful people is they create “additional streams of Revenue” many of these streams come from “passive investment activity” i.e., they invest – time, money, talent and experience into worthy investment opportunities. Their “investment portfolios” span – safe money market investments, to stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, etc and they typically use the expertise and assistance of other professionals like – lawyers, accountants, investment advisors, realtors, bankers etc. Most of these individuals own CD’s and money market funds – BUT none of them got wealthy by investing all their money into those secure, sometimes guaranteed investment. They invested money into “risky” investments – stocks, real estate, start-ups, and commodities.

My rule (many followed it) was you build a foundation first of secure investments, then moved up the “risk curve” as one level was completed, new money could then get into the higher volatility (risky) investments. (Those that paid a higher return or had the potential to do so) As they moved up the ladder some found themselves at the top rung (having ALL other financial needs covered) and then could invest in those ventures that could produce 100% or more in returns in a short time frame. “So what was the rule?” You can only invest in these high % returns with “new money” – you N E V E R get money from one of the lower rungs! (kind of like gambling at Vegas … start with $ 500 … luck is on your side and you win $500, now you’ve got $1000 – you take the original $500, put it in your pocket and play with the “houses money” NEVER digging back into your pocket if your luck turns!)  By the way, a friend of mine in the “gaming industry” tells me that statistically gamblers win a large percentage of the time ~ 45% BUT statistically 100% walk out of the Casino with -0- in their pockets … they stay too long * Las Vegas is the fastest growing city in the U.S. Players lose $6 billion a year at Las Vegas casinos

I can provide you with some ideas that have produced “passive income” – you’ll invest some of that -time, money, talent, and experience I spoke of earlier. The choice is yours – the future (your future) is and always has been in your hands … will you begin today to live this year on lasts year’s income and invest the difference into your future? If I can leave you with anything, don’t live the financial reality of “Killing you softly” as you continue to spend more each year than you earn by borrowing – it will not serve you well! This link will get you in touch with me – no obligation, no pressure.

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