Who are we?

Our Mission – Provide customized Life  coaching to a select group of individuals who have made a choice about their life to – “not just be the best in the world, but to be the best FOR the world.”


Why do people engage Life coaches?

More and more people are working one-on-one with individual coaches to increase and accelerate their personal as well business success, and to achieve their goals.


What can you expect?

Develop yourself or the people in your company or organization to achieve success utilizing their authentic talents. Convert potential into performance. Accelerate the success in your life and business.

What makes Rezults Group different or unique?

Leadership (Training and Development); Time Management Strategies. Our systems and processes create Master Goal Achievers vs. Master Goal Setters. 

“When you’re you – and you’re real – You can’t be Beat!”

Some call it, “in the zone,” others say “brilliance,” regardless I’m calling it “genius.” Genius in the sense that the work, or project, or an activity you’re involved in, appears to others observing you, to be completely effortless and perfect! Bottom line the ease of a person’s work has little to do with the nature of the work itself, instead it’s the alignment of your genius with the work you’re doing.

Here at Rezults Group, we’ll help you (if you’re looking,) to change and/or improve your activities (be it work, projects, or your life) we’re talking about getting the Rezults you desire … the difference between those who work with brilliance, and ease and those who do not.  The former, through design, luck, or fate, bring their natural power and energy to their work.  We call that natural power and energy genius. When in alignment, they bring to their work a sense that it contributes somehow to something larger than themselves. We call that sense purpose.

Without doubt, you are currently getting “results” in your life … the question is are they the “results” you want, that you’ve “designed” or are you getting “results” by default?

If you want your work and career and your life to resonate with your natural power and purpose, you need to find a match between what is out there in the world of possibility and what is with you. Your genius is at the core of what is with you. I hope to help you understand that core. To be “real” in everyday activities – to align your genius with all your endeavors, “swim downstream” for a change and double your daily output in half the time!

What qualifies Rezults to provide these services?

  • 47 years of business experience
  • (5) Businesses that I’ve created and  sold. (Many call me a serial entrepreneur)
  • 10,000+ hours of personal coaching – Individuals, Teams, Companies, Organizations
  • 5,000+ hours as Pilot-in-Command  in USMC & USAF (Fighter’s, Transports, Training jets)
  • 800+ hours in Professional Training Seminars with the likes – Jack Canfield, Bill Harris Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, etc.

I’ve experienced a lot of life, many bumps and bruises along the way, but many more successes than failures. I believe if you “get up one more time than you’re knocked down – you WIN”

I can help you wherever you are along the road of life, whatever field of work you’re in, whatever age, sex, religion, ethnic background, etc. you may be.  I know you have “authentic natural talents” you may know what they are, or you may not –either way I’ll help you discover or expand them.  With those talents in alignment with your daily activities, I promise you a better outcome … hence the name of our company – Rezults!

I look forward to meeting with you for a complimentary 30 minute session –

CALL TODAY:  801-560-9945

Here’s what my friend Glenn Cobb has to say:

Bill has worked with my staff in a customer service capacity using his Customer Service Process (4 individuals and myself) and coached me individually in his Leadership Process.  While I’ve attended numerous self improvement seminars in the past, not one has held me as accountable over the months as Bill’s system.  I highly recommend Mr. Kille and his programs Glenn Cobb, Former President Sandy Chamber of Commerce, Sandy, UT


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